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Julia Boix-Vives is born in the montain area : Savoie - France. She is living and working in Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Performances, multimedia installations, animations, fotos and graphics are the artistic medias she uses to express her intimate universe popping up from her unconscious, dreams and wanderings …


The ladder´s dance or missing Miranda

The ladder´s dance or missing Miranda
Exhibition in Uppsala Konstmuseum
24 August – 15 September, 2019

Julia Boix-Vives (b. 1970) embarked on her career as a sculptor when she began studying in Grenoble and at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art. Through videos, performance and dance, the sculptures have over time become buoyant and less constrained, balanced between reverie and consciousness. In this installation we step into the artist’s symbolic world of ladders, nets and bodies. The emptiness after Miranda, a gigantic doll that has accompanied the artist in numerous projects and which has evolved into something of an alter ego, is just one of the trajectories. Reflections, reflexes and breathing – the gentle movement of the lungs – is another. Born in the French region of Savoy, Julia Boix-Vives now lives in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The exhibition will take place in conjunction with the large-format presentation of the artist’s paternal grandfather, Anselme Boix-Vives.

Press reviews


Bilbao MeM festival novembre 2017


the Satyric Circle
proposes to the 2017 MEM Festival 2 evenings of live show

First evening: 

Fossil Night
an erotic-abstract shadow show with live experimental music by the Satyric Circle
50 minutes 

Second evening: 

Performance, video, live poetry, music improvisation and sound experiment 

by Blick 5 minutes 

by Julia Boix Vives 10 minutes 

improvised poetry with improvised live music by Jean-Marc Foussat & Blick
30 minutes 

Orgeanic Violin
concert and sound experience
by Jean-Marcel Busson