Julia Boix-Vives's Blog

Julia Boix-Vives is born in the montain area : Savoie - France. She is living and working in Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Performances, multimedia installations, animations, fotos and graphics are the artistic medias she uses to express her intimate universe popping up from her unconscious, dreams and wanderings …


how to target my space, interactive installation

Global installation of Julia Boix-Vives for the event
Conflicten in ruimte een structuur
11 june 2011, Lokaal01, Breda, The Netherlands.

Interactif video projection of target on landsape

installation with 5 animation on computer screens

Target transport from the studio to my space.
video, Eindhoven 2009

Installation of wood painted target on different places of Lokaal 01

Installation with 5 animation on computer screens
right : the work of Lilia Scheerder