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Julia Boix-Vives is born in the montain area : Savoie - France. She is living and working in Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Performances, multimedia installations, animations, fotos and graphics are the artistic medias she uses to express her intimate universe popping up from her unconscious, dreams and wanderings …


Serie Femme au filet / Woman with a net

Femme au filet

Série photo d'une femme prise dans un filet de pêche noir.
La scène photographiée légèrement en hauteur donne au point de vue un aspect dominant.
L'artiste absorbée dans sa relation physique avec l'objet construit une chorégraphie sexuelle de la manipulation. 
Le filet par sa matière, sa masse et sa force graphique sculpte le corps et le transforme parfois en une chose abstraite.

Woman with a net

Photo series of a woman caught in a black fishing net.
The shot, taken lightly from above, induces a dominating aspect to the viewpoint.
Deeply absorbed in a physical relationship with the object the artist builds a sexual choreography of the handling.
Due to it's material and it's mass, the net's grafical strongness sculpts the body and transforms it occasionally in something abstract.

Ikebana performance for the opening Geest in kunst 2014

 photos : Niek Tijsse Klassen

+ pics from the screen's view

Stand #10 @ Kunst Rai Amsterdam - Galerie Nasty Alice