Julia Boix-Vives's Blog

Julia Boix-Vives is born in the montain area : Savoie - France. She is living and working in Eindhoven - The Netherlands
Performances, multimedia installations, animations, fotos and graphics are the artistic medias she uses to express her intimate universe popping up from her unconscious, dreams and wanderings …


Blue trajectories loop #1 from Julia Boix-Vives on Vimeo.

Blue trajectories Loop #2 from Julia Boix-Vives on Vimeo.

Blue trajectories loop #4 from Julia Boix-Vives on Vimeo.

Images for meditation, moments caught in eternity, bodily expressions, pieces of nature in the city, mini loops to become aware of the movement.

Forward, backward, forward, backward, forward ... Positioning oneself, breathing to take position oneself, in which direction, in which direction shall I locate myself. Overviewing the situation, I am, I, I look up into the air, it is not in vane, to find the ground, to abandon the ground,to approach the blue, of the blue triangle, vertical stability, horizontal stability, blue stability, I find the equilibrium, I calm down, I observe

leaves fall, autumn
snow falls, winter
blossom falls, spring
butterflies fall, summer

I observe/confrontation of the abstract graphic element with these very physical concrete moments that are caught in video I observe/up going movement, an elevation/I observe/letting oneself be inspired by this mutation like a physical sensation that pulls something unsayable in the mental space/I observe/blue

Corinne Hadjadj inspired by the words/work of Julia Boix-Vives


Blue trajectories

Views of the global installation "Blue trajectories"
Exhibition A fallen leaf returning to its branch; Butterfly @ Flipside, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Blue trajectories global installation
Detail of a printed frieze, 10 m x 18 cm
5 video loops on computer monitors
with works from Maria Kapteijn, Anouk Bax and eMMY van Lamoen